Nineteen27 S'mores

Small Batch | local | handcrafted


Hand-crafted from start to finish.

At Nineteen27 S'mores, we believe in putting a lot of love into our creations. That means using ingredients from local purveyors and making everything from scratch. No opportunity to create the best possible dessert is left behind. 

We offer a variety of flavors for grahams, marshmallows, spreads & toppings for you to choose from and in addition, a few other dessert options. Our goal is to serve you a gourmet S'more like you've never had before, starting from the experience of roasting your S'more right in front of you, to the taste of the treat itself.


(503) 334-8080


S'mores cart Location:

Moda Center on the 300 Level.


Varies from event to event