Photo By: Hazelwood Photo

Owned and operated by James & Elise Kelly, this yummy artisanal S’more company began with love and a passion for nostalgia. In Elise's words:

"I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. A place where campsites and hiking trails abound. So my family did what many other PNW families did come Summer - cram the station wagon full of tents, sleeping bags, coolers and all the goods for making the perfect s'more, and headed to the wilderness. S'mores are part of my childhood, and more specifically, part of my most cherished memories."

After marrying in February of 2012, James and Elise decided it was time to start making this dream of theirs, a reality. While perfecting the recipes, researching food cart makers and making the move back to Portland, OR at the start of 2015 (after a three year stay in Los Angeles), they finally had the cart built and the name decided upon, 1927 S'mores Company. The idea for the name came from the fun fact that the first s'more recipe ever documented was in a girl scouts newsletter in, yep...1927.

At 1927 S'mores Company, we're passionate about the product we serve and know that after trying our treats, you will be too! Using a variety of our flavorful handmade grahams, marshmallows, and spreads, we hope you'll join us in celebrating this American tradition. Grab your family, friends and our tasty s'mores and make some memories of your own! We can't wait to share them with you.