Meet: Elise

M: What’s your favorite s’more flavor?

E: Moose Tracks or the Cocoa Mint (Peppermint) 

M: What's your favorite Jam Band?

E: Justin Bieber (I'm not ashamed!?) 

M: Do you have a favorite camping memory?

E: Our crew camping together this Summer and eating our S'mores together.


Elise, aka hefe, boss lady, and co-owner has been with Nineteen27 since before the beginning. She's half the brains and muscle (let's be honest) that brought this whole wild idea to life! She's half the reason people tilt their headsat us,  repeat the word "s'mores" but with a question mark behind it, "S'MORE'S?!"

As the writer of this post, I'd like to take a minute to interject. Hi, Meghan here! Elise is too busy to monitor this blog right now so I'm going to brag about my boss. Sneaky! Sneaky! I know!

Elise wears many hats, she's our lead baker; recipe developer; she's the creative behind most of our flavors and desserts. She manages the team. She DJ's at the kitchen. She's an innovator, marshmallow slinger, buddy, and so much more!

This woman is incredible to say the least. She puts people first- employees and customers alike. And she really likes when marshmallows are perfectly square. I'm pretty dang lucky she's my boss!