Meet: Jordan

M: What do you do for fun when you're not working?

J: Guitarist for the band My Brothers and I

M: What’s your favorite s’more flavor?

J: Bourbon salted caramel with chocolate grahams and peanut butter! 

M: Favorite jam band?



M: Favorite s’more memory?

J: On the S'more's family camping trip I got eaten alive by mosquitos by a lake. Then roasted a mallow that night and stopped crying.

M: Coffee or Tea?

J: Coffee errrday and Tea in the afternoon.

M: Favorite show or movie you're slightly embarrassed to admit?

J: Mamma Mia!


Jordan is the cool guy with the mustache. He's left handed, has all the cool hats and eats peanuts everyday. 

Jordan started working for the Nineteen27 team a while ago. He started roasting mallows/singing karaoke at our events, slinging dough in the kitchen, doing the heavy lifting, and being the kitchen DJ-playing those throwbacks. Those late nights really do call for a little Spice Girls. 

Jordan now hangs in the Nineteen27 S'mores office, introducing gourmet s'mores to all, teaching s'more 101, making calls and sending those emails. Jordan is in our sales department. He's our right hand man! He brings in new business and makes sure we can afford lunch! Thanks Jordan!